Haluaisitko olla notkeampi, solakampi ja ryhdikkäämpi, vahvistaen samalla lihaksia? Pilates voi olla sinulle oikea laji.

Pilates on vanha Joseph Pilateksen kehittämä kehonhallintatekniikka, joka juontaa juurensa 1900-luvun alkuun. Pilateksessä yhdistyy voimistelu- ja esittävän tanssin liikkeet. Tärkeintä on suorittaa liikkeet hallitusti ja oikein. Kun tekee ne oikein, pilateksen hyödyt keholle ovat kiistattomat.

Harjoitukset 14.1.2023 alkaen

Lauantaisin, klo 11:00-12:00 Kytöpuiston koulussa, Peltoniemenkuja 3, 01360 Vantaa

HUOM! Pilates tunnit pidetään englanniksi

Pilates ohjaajana ammattitaitoinen, kannustava ja kokenut Alyona Pimenova

My name is Alyona, and I am a qualified Pilates teacher and candidate for master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. I’ve graduated from Fitness-Profi International Professional Training Center, “Mind&Body” department and become an instructor of Pilates, stretching and functional training programs for individuals and groups.

If your fitness routine has been feeling a little stale, trying a new kind of class can make it feel fresh again. Taking Pilates classes might be a good way to expand your fitness horizons. Pilates is a series of exercises that are usually done in a specific order, one right after another. Pilates moves tend to target your core, although the exercises work other areas of your body as well.
Pilates will meet anybody’s needs to improve their movement in a graceful way, and at the same time make it extremely challenging.

What is Pilates good for, you may ask?
Well, there are tons of Pilates benefits you should be aware of.
Pilates is a full-body exercise method that will help you do everything better. It strengthens and stabilizes your core body, which is your foundation, so that you can move efficiently while improving your posture, flexibility, and mobility.

So if you are looking for a body and muscle strengthening form of exercise that can be tailored to your particular fitness level and which will help to keep you flexible, then you should definitely consider trying Pilates.

Be prepared though, you’ll find that this type of exercise is quite addictive – but exercise that is enjoyable has to be a good thing!